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English Worksheets for First Grade Kids

A range of simple printable worksheets for Grade 1 kids that will build their English grammar and writing skills to an advance level. Through these worksheets, kids will learn to form simple sentences apart from long vowels, prepositions, nouns and much more. There are some worksheets like word search, spellathon and vocabulary crossword that will help kids learn spellings and increase their vocabulary base as well. Knowledge of various new words is essential for Grade 1 kids as they need them to write complete sentences and these worksheets will surely help kids with their writing skills.
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adjectives Adjectives
compound-words Compound Words
comprehension Comprehension
determiners-and-quantifiers Determiners & Quantifiers
homophones Homophones
long-vowels Long Vowels
nouns Nouns
prepositions Prepositions
sentences Sentences
sight-words Sight Words
spell-words Spell Words
word-building Word Building
short-vowels Short Vowels
prefixes Prefixes
suffixes Suffixes
antonyms Antonyms
synonyms Synonyms
picture-labeling Picture Labeling
miscellaneous Miscellaneous
verbs Verbs
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