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Time Telling Games For Kids

Telling time can often be a challenge for children. This is why we feature time telling games for kids that will make learning this concept more fun for them. When children are faced with more challenging concepts, they often hesitate to practice. But, with our online clock games, children will be able to quickly and easily learn how to tell time, both on digital and analog clocks so they can always know what time it is, no matter where they go.

Digital Clocks

Some of our times games help children learn how to tell time with digital clocks. This concept is easier for children to learn than the face clocks that require an understanding of how many minutes each number on a clock signifies. When children get better at telling time on digital clocks, they are better prepared to use online clock games to learn how to tell time on the face clocks.

Face Clocks

In addition to the games that feature digital clocks, you can use our telling time games for kids that feature face clocks. Even though this concept can be a challenge for some kids, being able to read this type of clock is essential because many places don’t provide access to a digital clock. As a parent or educator, it is up to you to determine which one your child would better learn first. For some children, learning digital first doesn’t motivate them to learn how to read a face clock. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.